Welcome to the GenomAlc Consortium

The GenomALC Consortium has been set up as a collaboration between a number of research groups worldwide who are contributing data collected on individuals who are alcohol dependent, with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the genetic effects involved in the development of liver diseases.

Consortium Participants


  • Centenary Institute/Royal Prince Alfred Hospital/University of Sydney, Sydney
  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane


  • University of Heidelberg/Salem Medical Center, Heidelberg
  • Clinical Toxicology, Technical University of Munich, Munich


  • University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Royal Free Medical Centre, London
  • Molecular & Clinical Pharmacology, Liverpool University, Liverpool
  • Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust, Nottingham
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield


  • Hospital Huriez/University of Lille, Lille
  • INSERM/Alcohol treatment Unit of Hospital Cochin, University of Paris, Paris
  • Bondy - Hopital Jean Verdier
  • Clamart - Hopital Antoine Beclere
  • Paris- Hopital Pitie-Saltpetriere
  • CHU RENNES-Hôpital Montchaillou
  • CHU de Nîmes
  • Hôpital Emile Roux PARIS


  • Private Hospital Meiringen
  • University of Bern, Bern


  • Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN
  • University of California/VA Medical Centre-Irvine, CA